Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It is National Puppy Day today...don't you know?!

The Green Dragons Played tonight. GO KYLEE

Monday, March 21, 2011

A new chapter to our story!

We have had a big change for our family. Jared graduated this last Dec. Since then he has started a new job in Boise. He is working a great job for OBGYN Associates and has really enjoyed working for them. I’m so proud of him!! He is currently trying to decide on a masters program. He hopes to start a program in the fall. So school for us is not….quite over. This to shall pass : ] Needless to say this has been a huge change for our family. So bitter sweet….so hard to leave our family that was near by.... so hard to leave some pretty amazing friends. However, we are so glad to be done with school and moving on with life. We have only lived in Pocatello and Soda Springs so this is a big adventure for our family. We live in Kuna which is on the out skirts of Boise. It only takes Jared 12 min to get to work so it’s not bad at all. Kuna has a small town feel with all the convenience’s of the big city. We have loved our new ward too. There is 2 nurseries in our ward. It’s not uncommon for families to have 4 kids or more. I’ve already been to girl’s night, play group, and enrichment. It’s been really nice to be invited by people to do things. Its made me not so lonesome for my girl friends back in Poky. I still miss you tons!!! No book club here girls….lol!! We’ll have to see what we can do about that ; )Our kids love all the room in our new house. Me too!! So things are going well for the Lau family. We are excited for this next chapter in our story.


The Lau’s

Kylee’s surgery at Primary on March 8th

Here is our little Kylee on her way home from surgery at Primary Children's. For those that don’t know she had a Urital tubal realignment. Kylee wasn’t what you would call sick though. This surgery prevented her from having serious kidney damage which if it was not caught and taken care it could have become fatal. I have an aunt who had a kidney transplant because of this same urital problem. Needless to say Jared and I are so thankful for modern medicine. That we have the technology to catch something like this before it’s becomes a major problem. The surgery went about as smooth as it possible could. While we were waiting while Kylee was in surgery there was another couple sitting by us in the waiting room. Their 4 year old daughter was having part of her liver taken out, part of her diaphragm, and a full kidney removed all because of cancer. It broke my heart! I felt so helpless. I wish I could of done or said something to comfort this little family. My prayers and love go out to their family.

This is me and Kylee coloring while we wait for her surgrey.

Love, love, love this picture!!! We have such a fun silly girl! I love how Kylee is always’ aways, always HAPPY!!! : ]

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sea World!

Here is the Crew at Sea World!

The boys are about to go on Atlantis the roller coaster!

Makya was dieing to ride this roller coaster with his dad!
He was just tall enough! And he Loved loved it!

Here is my girl while she Wait's for Dad and Brother!

Here's the boys after the roller coaster. They where drenched! But a grin from ear to ear!

Makya loved get splashed by Shamu! Our kids Keep going around the house chanting Shamu shamu!

We loved this show so much,we went to this show twice!

This was Just amazing! It gave me goose bumps. It's crazy all the things they can teach those whales! I fell in love on this trip with Whales they are Majestic, Smart and Breath taking! I don't know who loved Sea World more Me and Jared or the kids?!

Now that's a good looking Family!
We love you Shamu!
We had a blast.
But the best part by far was just being together!

The San Diego Zoo!

We made it! We Just got to are Hotel! We loved these baby ducks!

We loved these little ducky's!

We went to the Cheesecake Factory one night. Ever one got to pick their own cheese cake. Kylee picked the biggest most chocolate thing they had!

Here is our sweet little Kylee!

Poor Baby !

Ahh! Snake!

Cute as a bug!

Here is the Whole gang at the zoo! I don't mean to brag but we have the best kids! They were so good on this trip. We did not hear one are we there yet? Or so and so is touching me! They were GREAT! And we drove ! All 14 hours. God bless Kloe she was the best of all our kids! She did so good. Jared and I where a little nerves about how she would be. She was awesome! She ever slept better on the trip then she does at home. She only got up once, where as she usually gets up 3-4 times a night. Mom was loving that! I didn't want to come home! Our room had bunk beds for the kids. They loved it! They played like it was their fort or there own house's. It was way cute. We all Spelt in on the last day. All 3 kids didn't wake up till 9:45! Miracles can Happen!